Sensory Processing & Emotional Regulation

Sensory Integration and Processing
This is the ability to take in, sort and respond to the input received from the environment around us. Sensory processing and integration skills including being able to integrate input from the vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual, auditory, gustatory (taste) and olfactory senses. These skills are essential for us to be able to function appropriately in varying environments such as noisy shopping centres, crowds or playing with certain textures (e.g. sand).

Sensory integration skills also support our independence and participation in school, social and home activities. Individuals may exhibit difficulties in sensory integration in many different ways as it will be unique to each child. For example, it may be through their difficulties in maintaining attention, they may be more sensitive to certain noises or they may be a fussy eater.

Socio-Emotional Skills
This is the ability and also confidence in being able to interact with peers and others in our social environments. It also includes the skill in being able to demonstrate empathy, understanding and act or communicate appropriately towards others. This skill also includes the ability to independently regulate our emotions, particularly when faced with life stressors. Children in particular, may demonstrate difficulties in this skill area through their difficulties in calming themselves down independently, difficulties asking for help from a peer or teacher or using appropriate social skills.

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